Pocket Journal Showdown

Here is a large table of pocket notebooks we have consolidated. These are primarily dot grid format if available. There is a lot of stuff here, so check this out for something a bit easier to read. This will be updated with any feedback so please let us know if you have something to add or fix. Thanks!

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Into the Fold

There are tons of notebooks out there so why use a Fold Journal? Why even use paper and pen when there are thousands, even tens of thousands, of productivity apps around? Fold Journal is small, affordable, and accessible, even when the internet is not. Although that fancy phone in your pocket is capable of many things, nothing seems to be able to beat what you can do with pen and paper (DEAD BATTERIES!). You will likely always need a computer for organizing, editing, and sharing complicated documents, but you can absolutely organize your day/week/month for maximum goal accomplishment with a...

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