Into the Fold

There are tons of notebooks out there so why use a Fold Journal? Why even use paper and pen when there are thousands, even tens of thousands, of productivity apps around? Fold Journal is small, affordable, and accessible, even when the internet is not. Although that fancy phone in your pocket is capable of many things, nothing seems to be able to beat what you can do with pen and paper (DEAD BATTERIES!). You will likely always need a computer for organizing, editing, and sharing complicated documents, but you can absolutely organize your day/week/month for maximum goal accomplishment with a pen and paper by your side.

Although technological advancements have made it possible to access many items across a spectrum, it has been repeatedly shown that writing information down helps enhance memory and learning in a way that cannot be replicated when using computer devices to type information. Sometimes, the distractions alone from using a device (apps, open browser tabs, access to the internet) can draw your attention away from tasks at hand. Sometimes a "tech break" and simple disconnect can help improve your memory, focus, and creativity.

Using your journal

You've decided to start writing, now how do you actually use your notebook? Do you have a system? Do you just write things down and never look at them again? Do you check back to make sure you are accomplishing your goals? There are plenty of systems out there, but we tend to like the Bullet Journal style the best. It is very flexible to fit your needs and easy to learn. We will be going over some interesting ways to make this style work for smaller notebooks so you can always have it with you.

Things you can use it for:
  • To-do Lists
  • Wishlists
  • Shopping list
  • Favorite things
  • Meeting or school notes
  • Self improvement tracking
  • Diet or Workout planning and tracking
  • Weekly/Monthly Planning
  • Remember something important
  • Tracking your progress on anything

Thank you

We would love to hear what you use to jot your notes in and what you would like to see from Fold Journal.

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